Friday, November 19, 2010

I've stopped posting here

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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Office – Home away from home

I was walking through the office the other day when I realized something; I am so comfortable here it feels like a home away from home. This is important as it serves as a confirmation that I am where I am supposed to be right now.
I have a habit of constantly wondering if I’ve made the right decisions in my life. Examples like: Should I ever have left the hotel business? Looking back, I can now tell you that they were grooming me for a great career there. Should I have left City of Dunwoody? I had managed to build a reputation as a respected and dependable employee in an office full of confusion. Should I have gone to work for an event coordinator, or moved my hotel career in that direction? Honestly, I think the answer to this final question is yes, I should have looked past the working on weekends and saw the potential I was giving up here; however, I cannot regret this now! At least I have figured this out now, and am working to start my own event coordinating company. But I digress…
My point is, God has led me to the path that I am on, and I know it is for a reason. I felt this confirmation the other day as I was walking the halls of my office and just felt like I was walking the halls of my house. Honestly, this office feels a bit more like home than anywhere right now. I have worked in this building longer than I’ve lived in my home and I have divorced parents, which means neither house (even the one I grew up in) feels like my home anymore. I don’t say this for a pity party; I really am just trying to make my point.
I know that I am supposed to be here right now, I know that I have a job that I enjoy and serves me well. I am blessed to have a job where I feel like I’m coming to an extension of my house for the day, the people are kind, and the work is something to be proud of. I feel accomplished when I walk out of the office at night and that is important.
I don’t feel the need to leave this comfort zone right now, I feel like I’ve got a lot left to learn here, however, I am torn. I know that this is not my career. I walk in this building an I feel like I’m stepping into my little bubble, I can stay here and maintain a mediocre level of happiness with my job for a long time, however, I know that there are larger things happening in my life as well, I know I have greater potential than to be an assistant, and I know that the fear of leaving my bubble is standing in my way…

Friday, May 21, 2010

My Friends Call Me the Calorie Police….

Hello, my name is SusieQ and I have a slight addiction

I have a love/hate relationship with food, I love it, it loves to stay on my butt, and I then hate it. So, I have become accustomed to looking up the calories, deciding if something is really worth eating, and then digging in, or steering clear. I love a good custom coffee drink or milkshake as much (if not more) as the next person, but really, do we need to drink the small Frappuccino that has 400 calories in it? No really, they exist. So usually I think I’m good about keeping my opinions to myself, but recently I have found myself wanting to scream at some people, DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU’RE EATING?!?! You are coming to me complaining about not losing any weight, but then you’re having a flipping tuna wrap from Jason’s Deli…sounds good right, NOT 500 calories later you haven’t had chips or a drink! Or don’t even get me started on “it doesn’t have any fat in it” did you look at the Sugars?! I want to write a book, “All the food I ate THINKING I was going to lose weight.”

I wonder sometimes, am I just a little nutz about all of this, or does the world really need to know!

I’ve been contemplating this book for some time though, so it might just happen and never get published…I don’t have a degree in nutrition, I’m not an expert by any means, I just happened to grow up in a world where Mac N Cheese everyday was OK and oven fried chicken was a staple. I had to learn for myself what was bad for you, and once I started, oh how I learned!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Engagement Pictures!

The engagement pictures are here! Oh goodness they turned out great!!!
If you’re ever looking for a photographer you NEED to look at Matt Yung. He is incredibly easy to work with, fast, efficient, and seriously just really great at what he does!

Here is Matt's Website

You can find a video of us here :-)

Friday, April 16, 2010

My Love Letter to Atlanta in the Spring

On the way home yesterday I decided to be quite productive, I stopped by Whole Foods for Tax Free Day, went and picked up my dry cleaning, gave the dog a bath upon entering my house, and did a bit of light cleaning while doing my laundry… honestly, aside from the Whole Foods trip, none of this is very different for a Thursday night. It seems to be my one night a week now that I am not committed to something. I enjoy being busy, and I really enjoy having things to do…however, after what happened last night, I realized I need to be less busy, and quite literally stop and smell the roses…

It wasn’t anything too exciting, actually it wasn’t exciting at all, but I will tell you anyway. Around 8PM I was telling Matt about my lovely trip to Whole Foods, and how all I really got was lemon juice, but I was super pumped about it (and my protein shake this morning thanks me!). He stopped me and said, “SHOOT! I was going to ask you to go to Whole Foods to get some avocado oil.” Now, the avocado oil itself could be a whole new blog on Matt and his enthusiasm for grilling, and the sometimes interesting, most of the time delicious, things we eat because of it. However, I’m off topic.

SO, I was on my way to Whole Foods for the second time today (the funny thing is Whole Foods has nothing to do with my point). When I almost stopped in the middle of the road to walk, and would have, if I was worried I wouldn’t make it in time. Atlanta is by far, the most beautiful city during the spring! I am overwhelmed by the trees covering the roads, the flowers in bloom, and the general happiness in the air and natural beauty. Everyone is out running, walking, sitting, eating, there is an addiction to being outside on a day like today, and Dusk is the best time of all! Dusk is when the sun goes down just enough that the glare is gone and all the greens get darker, contrasting with the whites and bright colors of the flowers. At the same time the buildings get a little hazy which helps all the nature around you POP.

It’s like a happy space, no one can bring you bad news during dusk, I forbid it!

AND there are festivals and outdoor activities EVERY weekend to enjoy it! Go to the Sweetwater Brewing Factory and sit on the patio while enjoying a cocktail, go to the plethora of festivals around the city, the Decatur Farmer’s Market is open EVERY Saturday. At the very least you can spend some time in Piedmont Park enjoying a Sunday Funday, taking in the contrast of nature and cement as you see the sky scrapers of downtown break the trees.

So I ask you, how could you not love Atlanta? All we need is a beach and it’d be the most perfect city in the world! Lucky for us, Lake Lanier is just 45 minutes north. 

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Who Signs Off on That Crap?!?!

Matt and I were watching LOST last night, and in our impatience to know what happened we didn’t wait long enough to fast forward through all the commercials. So about half way through we start to have to suffer the pain of the mass amount of commercial breaks that a popular show on TV has…

Now, I don’t see a whole lot of commercials since my TV watching consist of nothing but DVR (the glorious thing!). So when I saw the newest (or it could be dreadfully old, but I’ve never seen it) commercial for 1-800 Contacts, all I could think was, “Seriously? Who signs off on this crap??”

It’s an overly dramatic, highly cheesy scene of “Honey, I got your contacts,” “WHAAAAT, they don’t have my brand I have special eyes.” With ominous music, tears, and gasps included….blech

Now, I don’t know if maybe I’m the only one that thinks about this, but I’ve worked in an ad firm, so I know the type of people who make these commercials, and I have to say, they’re way too smart/artistic for that! I mean this is comedy not even a child would find funny. Furthermore, the people who ad firms usually present to are higher up executives and a team of professional, suite wearing, people… so it brings me again to, “Who signs off on this crap??”

Anywho…random rant for the day, done.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Random Thoughts from a Blogger “Stalker”

So I may not be very good at keeping my own blog up but I do enjoy reading other peoples! I’m always somewhat stalking my random friends to not just read their own blogs, but also see what else they are reading. Sometimes I feel like a bit of a creeper (and I really hope that this is normal) because I find myself reading so much of someone’s blog that I feel like I know them, when in reality, I’ve never met them! It’s like Facebook, but worse because you’re reading much more intimate details of their lives.
I tell myself, “Well if they didn’t want the world to know about it, then they wouldn’t put it on the internet.” However, I also wonder sometimes, do they really think anyone is reading?? I know I have fun on my blog (yes, yes, when I post) but really, I could just be talking to myself! I’m honestly not sure if anyone has read this thing! So, with that in mind, do I post things I’m not really sure I want the public knowing? Not really, but I just imagine running into someone I’ve never met and being like, Oh I know you! You write that “Hungry Meets Healthy” blog that I love so much (and I do, here’s the link: – although I’m not sure everything she writes about is Healthy…) or “Wow! It’s so good to see you again! How are your 3 children I’ve never met and I shouldn’t know exist but I stalk you in blog world! ”
Anywho! That’s my random thoughts for the blog world today, and if anyone is reading…thank you!

--And just because I want to add a picture, everyone enjoy...these are two of Matt and I's favorite pictures from our trip to CA for Christmas